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Tillie Larkou's Review

Reviewing The Play About Theresa May as an extra curricular activity, Tillie had this to share...

The play about Theresa May takes the audience on a political journey of May’s controversial ideologies that she brought to the front and centre of the Conservative party during her time as Prime Minister (2016-2019). Amie M Marie uses an uplifting humour to express some of May’s controversial views throughout the story. The play touches on how May dealt with important and key events in her time in power such as Brexit and how that was going to take place. Marie’s use of comedy throughout this play made it seem less of an attack on the government of this time and May herself but more of an explanation of how much of a mockery those three years were.

The play starts with a short 10 minute scene that Marie had originally wrote for a performance at the University of East Anglia. This scene is just a brief introduction to the hilarious satire to follow. It hits on points such as May’s small majority in government during 2016 and her plans to make the UK “red, white and blue” after the nation leaves the European Union. Marie, interestingly, set up this scene as a conversation between Theresa May and the British Poet Carol Ann Duffy. May seems to desire a poem written about her yet is unable to be truthful about herself in this poem which seems that Marie hinted that May was attempting to present herself in a better light to the public to gain more support from the electorate.

The play then pauses for a while whilst there is an interview between Marie, Coner and David McCabe Jr. This interview gives details of an experience where Marie and Coner performed a section of the Play in the House of Commons while it was on recess. Marie claims this was not a protest ad more of a way to express her art and get the meaning across to people whom may be more interested. Marie and Coner describe in detail the hilarity of how the security in the Houses of Parliament treated them and how the security were ridiculed by the police for treating it as such a serious matter. This was one of the most interesting parts of the book that Marie had put together as it expressed the public’s view on her comedy and how seriously they took it instead of laughing along with it but also how quickly the security at Parliament assumed that their out of the ordinary behaviour was a protest and a harm to the public. The play also includes a transcript of the on goings of Parliament that day which gives extra detail and ensures the audience understands these events.

Finally, the finished production of the play about Theresa May. The play consists of one long production with many characters dropping in and out to interact with May in order for Marie to express May’s controversial ideologies to the audience in a comedic manner. Marie includes characters such as a clown to highlight the idiocy of May as Prime Minister. She uses links to old novels such as a Christmas Carol by having a character called the Ghost of Tory Past in order to “correct May’s ways” which seems to fail miserably. However my favourite moment was May’s cabinet meeting with Boris Johnson where she will be speaking to him and all he can focus on is singing the wheels on the bus. I find this absolutely priceless as it almost indicates some hindsight towards the future government but also our government today with Johnson as Prime Minister.

Overall, Amie M Marie has intelligently built this play in order to express the beliefs and ideologies of Theresa May and the tory party to be presented as the joke they are and I have found it to be one of the most iconic political plays that I have ever read.