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Gabriella Francis's Review

Studying The Play About Theresa May for a module called "The Director's Handbook" for their Theatre International Baccalaureate, Gabriella had this to share...

‘The Play about Theresa May’ by Amie M Marie, is a take on Theresa Mays 1106 days in power as Prime minister of the United Kingdom. More specifically looking at the “conservative injustice” during May’s premiership. We take an in depth look at May through political satire. Presenting crucial themes such as Brexit and the Windrush scandal… putting Theresa May into the looking glass. 


One of key themes that is prevalent throughout the play is Brexit. Using the theme of Brexit, the playwright brings in multiple ideas about May’s personality. It is clear that throughout the play Mays character is only concerned about one thing… herself. She is constantly concerned with how she is viewed by the public and will do anything to please the people around her. It is clear Theresa May is only acting in ways that would only benefit her and her reputation throughout history. In the play May personality is one dimensional, she consumed by her personal affairs and lacks the ability to sympathize with others. These personality traits in May alone “magnify the ugliness” which was one of the intended aims for the play. 


Personally, I enjoyed the reference to Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert. Looking at the context, the advert it was heavily criticized widely for being ignorant to matters that attack social injustice. This was referred to towards the end of the play where May was being held at gunpoint, putting her in a position in which she had to make promises to protect herself. Even though promises were made under pressure, it is clear that she would only break them as soon as nobody is paying attention. This could suggest that at this point in the play May is trivializing the problems of The Worker in order to save herself. In my opinion, this specific scene embodies objective of ‘The Play about Theresa May’… When considering the context and the meaning behind the Pepsi advert, it brings in the idea that May’s actions are driven by those around her. She is heavily influenced and easily manipulated by the views of her peer and the perception of herself. 


Overall, I would recommend this play to other students. It presents thought-provoking ideas and key elements. As an international student who generally isn’t interested in politics, I found this play enjoyable. It included comedic aspects but was able to clearly communicate ideas about Theresa May’s premiership. Before reading the play I never really understood some aspects of UK politics, as an international student I felt that the play could also be considered educational. The reason why I consider the play to be educational is because it can act as an aid to education. The play can guide and expose you to specific events that happened fairly recently during May’s term as Prime Minister. I believe that reading this play would benefit students as it not only exposes you to recent events, but also actively provides the reader with an experience while reading the play.