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Ethan Brayfield's Review

Reviewing The Play About Theresa May as an extra curricular activity, Ethan had this to share...

This hilarious play written by Amie M Marie explores Theresa May’s time as prime minister from what people would consider as a ‘far left’ point of view. Comedy that is far from conservative is used throughout which makes the play feel like you are getting the insight to a circus, yet the clown is our former prime minister.

“The Primeist Minister. The Prime”, are some of the names May refers to herself as in the play, which is quite clearly daft, yet you can’t help but laugh and wonder if she really thought that highly of herself. Around this point in the play we have our audience surrogate Carol Duffy who grills May on the questions we all wanted answers to. However, most of the responses would be something comical which could be seen as repetitive. It does make one wonder why use such an immature humour style for such a mature subject? However, most of these politicians act like petulant children so the jokes are not far off.

This rollercoaster of a play does do a fantastic job in calling out May’s actions and brings them to light. For example, her anti-welfare views. Topical issues are important in theatre as they are an impactful way of sending a message and waking people up to what is going on in the world. The humour and references are those of which young people would most likely find funny (e.g. May and the ‘Worker’ having a Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert-like scene). Not to mention May getting married to Brexit towards the end of the play and the “ghost of tory past” which are hilariously wacky moments of the play highlighting the journey May goes on during her time running the country.

As someone who is not really invested in politics, “The Play About Theresa May” definitely gave me large amounts of information through a light-hearted manner which is accessible to those of my age.

The play also had mini-chapters which gave further insight and told immersive stories in their own right. The anecdotal interview with David McCabe Jr tells the story of how Amie managed to ‘perform’ within the House of Commons while dodging security. It’s not everyday someone walks into parliament wearing clown noses so definitely an interesting story to tell the children. Amie made a statement in real life which is exactly what is being done with this play. Overall, the play is an excellent way of laughing at the state of British politics while raising important issues that should be spoken about. I often wonder what big thing Theresa May actually did but this play helped to highlight almost decision May made. With its education and wit, “The Play About Theresa May” is worth a watch or read if you want to be entertained to a full extent.