Welcome to a new site!

Hello and welcome to a new website, cataloguing my freelance work and artistic endeavours.

I'm super excited to get stuck in and share the content that matters to me - with you!

Here's one example I enjoyed working on and would love to share.

The North Pole: Unwrapped

Way back in 2015, during my first semester at university, I got involved in the youtube blogging society "UEA:TV". One of our first productions was "The North Pole: Unwrapped", a satirical anti-capitalist mockumentary sketch about the North Pole and the dubious and unsafe working conditions of Elves and reindeer. A pun-fun production written by Eilish Rolfe & edited by Eliott Simpson, it was a light-hearted skit on the importance of ringfencing workers' rights to underpin safe, profitable, and sustainable business practice.


Watch the clip below if you'd like to see the UEA:TV take on Santa Claus and my performance as Mrs. Claus.

Festive Panic with the Claus'


Actors: Lochlan Spence, Amie Marie, Kieran Sanderson, Orietta Subrizi, Dom Mackie, Toby Skelton, Jonathan Malton, Eliott Simpson Camera: Danny Booty, Kazia Terry, Denisa Cantor Writer and Director: Eilish Rolfe Producer and Editing: Eliott Simpson Special Thanks to Marcus Skov from the Digital Arts Society for designing the newspaper article No copyright infringement intended. Music: 'Santa Claus is coming to to town" All materials used property of their respective owners.

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