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Sheffield, named for the River Sheaf which runs through the city, has been known as a centre of industrious excellence for centuries. In the 14th century, Medieval Sheffield was the country’s centre for cutlery production, particularly knives, and even Geoffrey Chaucer referenced this in The Canterbury Tales. Later, in the 19th century, this city was known internationally as the Steel City due to the city’s innovations with steel work during the industrial revolution, and the city now boasts multiple automotive sales roles, parts advisor vacancies, dealership vacancies, and roles for technicians and workshop controllers.

Prior to this, the impressive series of ravines and caves to the south of the city have been inhabited by Neanderthals, Stone Age cultures of Mousterian, Proto-Solutrean, Crewellian, and Maglemosian people, nomadic homo-sapiens of the Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods, Neolithic communities, Bronze Age groups, Romans, and medieval folk. That’s evidence of inhabitants from just a couple hundred years ago to 60,000 years back! As a result the Creswell Grags have been nominated as a potential World Heritage Site in addition to its status as a Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI). Complete with impressive and unique cave art, belongings recovered from shallow mud (known as occupational layers) Sheffield can boast some truly amazing features. The site is open to the public, contains a modern museum, and even a stuffed cave hyena who once shared the Creswell Crags with our ancestors!

Now the city is home to a flourishing series of trades and industries, hosts the World Snooker Championships, two professional football teams (fondly referred to as The Blades and The Owls), a zoo, a tropical butterfly house, and was the runner-up for the UK City of Culture 2013. In Sheffield you can pursue your dream automotive career through one of Perfect Placement’s motor trade job opportunities in Sheffield. Whether you’re looking for an automotive administration role or one of the available HGV jobs in Sheffield, there will be a motor trade vacancy to suit you.

Looking after the automotive recruitment needs of Yorkshire and Humberside is our Recruitment Executive, Tom Kerrison, who highly recommends applying for these motor trade vacancies.

Job Title: Vehicle Technician / Mechanic Required for a Prestige Main Dealer

Job Reference: J84481

Salary: Up to £30,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Join one of the largest dealerships in the area

• Highly competitive and realistic OTE!

• Fantastic progression opportunities within this company

Job Title: Technician Needed For Main Dealer

Job Reference: J83327

Salary: Up to £24,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Highly popular, family ran dealership

• Fantastic brand training opportunities

• Fantastic progression opportunities within this company

Job Title: Vehicle Technician / Mechanic Required For Main Car Dealership

Job Reference: J80857

Salary: Up to £27,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Busy Main Dealership

• Competitive OTE

• One of the UK’s largest Main Dealerships

Job Title: Professional Multi Skilled Telesales Executive Required for Main Dealer

Job Reference: J79730

Salary: Up to £20,200 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Fantastic career progression opportunities

• Realistic OTE

• Join a growing team

Or have a look at vacancies in nearby South Yorkshire, home to a thriving automotive industry and could be the next step in your motor trade career!

Job Title: Vehicle Technician / Car Mechanic Needed For Main Dealer Job Reference: J83360

Salary: Up to £29,000OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Awesome bonus structure

• Great training opportunities

• Well established Main Dealership

The booming automotive trade industry in Yorkshire and Humberside offers a range of exciting roles and we have many HGV jobs, marketing manager roles, body shop vacancies, and MOT tester jobs available today in this region. We invite you to visit our job search page to discover the next steps to your automotive career!

The above is only a handful of the motor trade opportunities available through Perfect Placement. If you’re looking for a different role in Yorkshire and Humberside please get in touch with Tom Kerrison on 0113 487 4528 or through email at!

If you are looking for a motor trade vacancy in another area of the country, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of highly specialist motor trade recruitment consultants. Visit our Contact Us page for our details or simply give our team a call on 01603 701077.


This blog was first published in November 2018 for Perfect Placement, an automotive recruitment company based in Norwich.

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