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Ipswich and north Essex was once ruled over by the Wuffingas monarchy of the 6th century Kingdom of East Angles, before being incorporated into the more familiarly named Kingdom of England in 918 AD and then later uniting with the other kingdoms (becoming the UK) in 1707. Believed to be the birthplace of the English language, the fifth century East Angles population spoke Old English, which later turned into Middle English, then Early Modern English, and ultimately Modern English. Therefore 5th century East Anglia is the first place in the world where English was ever spoken.

Now Ipswich and North Essex is home to a thriving automotive industry and could be the next brilliant step in your motor trade career.

Looking after the automotive recruitment needs of Ipswich and North Essex is our Recruitment Executive, Abigail Firmage, who highly recommends applying for the motor trade vacancies listed below. Whether you’re looking for an automotive administration role or one of the available HGV jobs in Ipswich, there will be a motor trade vacancy to suit you.

The name of the town, Ipswich, is derived from its medieval name Yppswyche which is thought to have been an Old Saxon surname or perhaps an alternate name of the river Orwell. Interestingly, Ipswich is the oldest English town – as in, a town that was established by Anglo-Saxons (not Romans) and has remained a continuously inhabited town, never a city or having shrunk to a village.

Did you know that Charles Dickens set his first novel, The Pickwick Papers, in Ipswich and it featured the hotel he was staying in; The Tavern Hotel, famous for the meandering corridors and stairs he had described, has since been renamed the Great White Horse Hotel and contains a Starbucks. With such a wealth of history, a motor trade role in Ipswich could be right for you.

To apply for an automotive vacancy in Ipswich, simply scroll down to learn more about the current automotive positions available.

Job Title: Tyre Fitter / Service Technician required by a Prestige Main Dealer

Job Reference: J83823

Salary: £20,500.00 Basic with an OTE of £ 22,500.00

Why should you Apply?

• No qualifications specified

• Great career progression within a Main Dealer

• Work/Life Balance – Weekends not included

Job Title: Service Advisor Required for a Vehicle Main Dealer

Job Reference: J84535

Salary: Basic of £22,000.00 with an OTE of £ 26,000.00

Why should you Apply?

• Experience not Essential

• Fantastic Bonus Structure

Great Career progression stepping into a Main Dealer

Alternatively, consider an automotive vacancy in North Suffolk, with the nearby coast and heaths which are officially ranked as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Pursue your dream automotive career through one of Perfect Placement’s motor trade job opportunities in North Suffolk!

Job Title: Vehicle Parts Advisor Required for Franchised Main Car Dealer - North Suffolk

Job Reference: J84452

Salary: Basic of £ 18,000.00 with an OTE of £ 19,500.00

Why should you Apply?

• No Main Dealer Experience Required

• Progression within a Main Dealer

• Full Brand Training provided.

Job Title: Franchised Main Car Dealer Requires Vehicle Service Advisor - North Suffolk

Job Reference: J84449

Salary: Basic £ 22,000.00 with an OTE of £ 25,000.00

Why should you Apply?

• Only 1 in 3 Saturdays included

• Great bonus provided

Or travel a west from Ipswich to Sudbury, a small market town on the Essex border. With twice-weekly markets in the town centre, boat tours, spas, and a local theatre, this quiet town may be a fantastic place to relocate to! The local church, St. Peters Church, boasts large stain glass windows and hosts frequent functions and events, like concerts, fairs, exhibitions, theatre performances, farmers markets, and so forth.

This town can offer you an automotive sales roles, parts advisor vacancies, dealership vacancies, and there are roles for technicians and workshop controllers too!

Job Title: Vehicle Panel Beater Required For Car Main Dealer - Sudbury

Job Reference: J79002

Salary: Basic 26,000.00, OTE 29,000.00

Why should you Apply?

• Great Bonus

• Great work/life balance - No weekends included.

• Great Opportunity to grow within a Main Dealer

The flourishing automotive trade industry in North Essex and Ipswich offers a range of exciting roles and we have many HGV jobs, marketing manager roles, body shop vacancies, and MOT tester jobs available today. We invite you to visit our job search page to discover the next steps to your automotive career!

The above is only a handful of the motor trade opportunities available through Perfect Placement. If you’re looking for a different role in this area please get in touch with Abigail Firmage on 01603 701 077 or through email at!

If you are looking for a motor trade vacancy in another area of the country, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of highly specialist motor trade recruitment consultants. Visit our Contact Us page for our details or simply give our team a call on 01603 701077.


This blog was first published in November 2018 for Perfect Placement, an automotive recruitment company based in Norwich.

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