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Once known as Lindum Colonia, a lake-neighbouring settlement where retired Roman soldiers lived, Lincoln has a long and curious history with politics, architecture, and the motor trade.

Lincoln boasts the first ever tanks, invented and built in Lincoln by the previously agricultural machinery company William Foster & Co. The newly created tanks were proudly paraded through the city before being dispatched to the front, and so Lincoln became known as the “Tank Town.” With such pride in their city’s engineering, assembly, and repair of vehicles it is no surprise that Lincoln remains a busy location for those pursuing their own automotive career!

Lincoln is a fantastic city for your next steps on your automotive career, be it a vehicle rental role or a tyre fitter, with a bustling high street, ghost walk tours, and a nearby coast for soaking up the summer sun.

Whether you’re looking for an automotive technician role or one of the available vehicle sales executive jobs in Lincoln, there will be a motor trade vacancy to suit you. And while you’re aiming high, take a look inside Lincoln Cathedral – the tallest building in the world for 238 years until its central spire collapsed in 1549. It was the first building to hold this title since the Great Pyramid of Giza!

Or visit the medieval Lincoln Castle where one of the last four remaining, original copies of the Magna Carta is kept on public display. The then Bishop of Lincoln was in fact present at the sealing of the Magna Carta, a document which established that all individuals (including the king) are subject to the law and entitled to a fair trial. The Magna Carta is considered one of the first steps towards establishing parliamentary democracy in England and was a major influence on the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.

After all, Lincolnshire’s motto is “Big Country, Big Skies, Big Future” and where better to look for your own, big auto trade future?

Our Regional Recruitment Consultant for Lincoln, Sam Butcher, highly recommends applying for these motor trade vacancies…

Job Title: Automotive Marketing Executive Required for Main Dealer

Job Reference: J83731

Salary: Up to £19,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Get involved in many aspects of a successful business

• No 2 days in this role will be the same

• Help to make a real difference in the performance of the company

Job Title: Automotive Service Advisor Required for Vehicle Main Dealer

Job Reference: J84609X

Salary: Up to £30,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Become one of the best paid service advisors in the area

• Join an Expanding Company – workforce and site size both increasing

• Work with one of the country’s best-performing brands

Job Title: Vehicle Technician Required for Automotive Main Dealer

Job Reference: J80003X

Salary: Up to £32,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Brand training provided – rise through the ranks

• Multi-level bonus structure to supplement earnings

• Packages available to suit varying skill levels

Job Title: Vehicle Sales Executive Required for Automotive Main Dealer

Job Reference: J83350

Salary: Up to £40,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Long-established business in Lincoln

• High basic and realistic bonus earnings based on current employees’ performance

• On-brand training provided

Job Title: Automotive Service Manager Required for Vehicle Main Dealer

Job Reference: J84382

Salary: Up to £45,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Join one of the largest national motor groups

• Progress your career in a role with additional responsibilities

• Help to drive a business embarking on a change of direction

This is only a handful of the motor trade opportunities available through Perfect Placement. If you’re looking for a different role in Lincoln please get in touch with Sam Butcher on 01772 910 317 or through email at!

The diverse automotive trade industry in Oxford offers a range of exciting roles and we have many HGV jobs, marketing manager roles, bodyshop vacancies, and garage mechanic jobs available today in Lincoln. We invite you to visit our job search page to discover the next steps to your automotive career!

If you are looking for a motor trade vacancy in another area of the country, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of highly specialist motor trade recruitment consultants. Visit our Contact Us page for our details or simply give our team a call on 01603 701077.


This blog was first published in November 2018 for Perfect Placement, an automotive recruitment company based in Norwich.

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