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Comfortably nestled between the breath-taking Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean, Gloucester is home to a thriving automotive industry and could be the next brilliant step in your motor trade career.

A city of many names, Gloucester was founded by the Romans in 97 AD as Colonia Glevum Nervensis (where “Glev” gets pronounced “Glaiw”), and its modern name is derived from the Welsh Caerloyw meaning “shining stronghold”. Indeed this could be where you pursue your shining dream of an impressive automotive career by applying for one of the motor trade job opportunities in Gloucester available through Perfect Placement. Whether you’re looking for an automotive administration role or one of the available HGV jobs in Gloucester, there will be a motor trade vacancy to suit you.

Built on historic foundations, Gloucester is marching forward in style with numerous tourist attractions and flourishing high street. Visit the 11th century Gloucester Cathedral and see if you can recognise which cloisters (aka stone archways) were used for corridor scenes in multiple Harry Potter films! Why not try one of the famous lamprey pie dishes, fished locally, which was once an ancient custom to gift this luxurious dish to the ruling sovereign for Christmas.

Or pop into one of the many great museums and art galleries like the Beatrix Potter Museum, celebrating her favourite story! “The Tailor of Gloucester” is the illustrated adventure of a Gloucestershire tailor whose work on a gorgeous waistcoat is finished by a group of grateful mice he had rescued from the cat, based on a real group of tailors in the city.

Once at the forefront of the industrial revolution due to the nearby deposits of iron, coal, and timber, Gloucester remains a meritorious city and hosts multiple automotive sales roles, parts advisor vacancies, dealership vacancies, and roles for technicians and workshop controllers.

Looking after the automotive recruitment needs of Gloucester is our Senior Recruitment Consultant, Josh Buck, who highly recommends applying for these motor trade vacancies…

Job Title: New/Used Car Sales Executive for Franchise Approved Car Dealership

Job Reference: J83309 X

Salary: £15,000 basic salary with £40/45,000 annual earnings

Why should you Apply?

· Access to an industry leading bonus potential

· Opportunity to work with a prestigious car brand

· Your own personal company car

Job Title: New/Used Motorcycle Sales Executive for Franchise Approved Motorcycle Dealership

Job Reference: J83781 X

Salary: Up to £18,000 basic salary with £28-30,000 annual earnings

Why should you Apply?

· Opportunity to work with an industry leading brand in the motorcycle sector

· Staff discounts on motorcycles, clothing, and accessories

· Industry relevant training/development

Job Title: Vehicle Service Advisor for Prestige Franchise Approved Car Dealership

Job Reference: J83660 X

Salary: Up to £23,000 basic salary with £26,000 annual earnings

Why should you Apply?

· Opportunity to work with a prestigious car brand

· Generous bonus potential

· Fast pace working environment

Job Title: Vehicle Technician/MOT Tester for Franchise Approved Car Dealership

Job Reference: J82833 X

Salary: Up to £23,000 basic salary with £30,000 annual earnings

Why should you Apply?

· Industry leading training/development

· Generous bonus potential

· Lots of overtime available paid at an enhanced rate

Job Title: LCV Technician / Mechanic for Franchise Approved Commercial Vehicle Dealership

Job Reference: J80653

Salary: Up to £29,500 basic salary plus bonus earned

Why should you Apply?

• Opportunity to earn a fantastic starting salary well above the industry average for a Light Vehicle Technician in the region

• Full manufacturer training and development

• Early start/finish operating hours

The exciting motor trade industry in Gloucester offers range of exciting opportunities and we have plenty of HGV jobs, marketing manager roles, body shop vacancies, and MOT tester jobs available today in Gloucester. We invite you to visit our job search page to discover the next steps to your automotive career!

The above is only a handful of the motor trade opportunities available through Perfect Placement. If you’re looking for a different role in Gloucester please get in touch with Josh Buck on 01772 910 317 or through email at!

If you are looking for a motor trade vacancy in another area of the country, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of highly specialist motor trade recruitment consultants. Visit our Contact Us page for our details or simply give our team a call on 01603 701077.


This blog was first published in November 2018 for Perfect Placement, an automotive recruitment company based in Norwich.

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