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The East Midlands is a significant economic hub, containing an estimated 2011 population of 4.5 million across six counties, and the area hosts multiple automotive sales roles, parts advisor vacancies, dealership vacancies, and roles for technicians and workshop controllers.

For instance, in Leicester, there are multiple opportunities for motor trade career advancement or to begin your rewarding automotive career! Scroll down to learn more or contact our Recruitment Executive, Kelvin Cornell, who looks after the automotive recruitment needs of the East Midlands and Leicester.

Leicester has a rich history and a lively present. It is the origin of the Walker’s crisps prior to being sold to an American firm in 1971. Originally, the crisps were sliced by hand and cooked in an ordinary fish and chip fryer on Oxford Street. Nowadays, the city hosts an annual Caribbean Carnival and parade, Diwali celebrations, the Leicester Comedy Festival, an international Short Film Festival, and a Pride Parade.

Choose to pursue your dream automotive career in Leicester through one of the fantastic motor trade job opportunities advertised through Perfect Placement.

Job Title: Professional Automotive Panel Beater For Busy Car Bodyshop

Job Reference: J82714

Salary: Up To £30,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Great opportunity to join a well-established and progressive Company.

• Monday – Friday with weekends as optional overtime.

• Award Winning Bodyshop with high standards towards customers and staff alike.

Whether you’re looking for an automotive administration role or one of the available HGV jobs in Leicester, there will be a motor trade vacancy to suit you. Alternatively, consider nearby Hinckley, an industrious market town. The name Hinckley is derived from the Anglo-Saxon language: with “Hinck” being a name and “Ley” once meant meadow.

Hinckley played a prominent role in the English Civil War (1642 – 1651) due to existing between two opposing strongholds. The townsfolk either tried to stay neutral or professed an allegiance to one of the armies, which would be troublesome when they were regularly visited or even sieged by the warring factions. You can take the opportunity to visit the nearby site for the Battle of Bosworth, where Richard the 3rd camped the night before the famous, deciding battle in which he lost his life and the War of the Roses. Simultaneous to this, the town became known for its hosiery production (products like tights and stockings), due to obtaining the town’s first framework knitting machine.

Hinckley nowadays is host to Ultima Sport LTD, a manufacturer of sports cars, and Paynes Garages LTD, one of the oldest and family-owned Ford Motor Dealerships in the UK (founded in 1907, becoming Ford Dealers in 1922, and now run by the original owner’s grandson). Hinckley continues to be home to the Triumph Motorcycles facility, ever since 1990. First founded in 1902, Triumph is one of the oldest motorcycle producers still in activity.

Here’s one Hinckley vacancy that our recruitment consultant recommends applying for…

Job Title: Vehicle Technician / Car Mechanic For Automotive Dealership

Job Reference: J79204

Salary: Up To £30,000 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Regular Brand Training and In-House training.

• Progression opportunities.

• Great opportunity to expand your knowledge within a team of professional like-minded individuals.

Or take a look at what Loughborough has to offer. First recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book as Lucteburne and later as Luchteburc in 1186, meaning “Luhhede’s burgh”, Loughborough is an aesthetically memorable town. With the winding River Soar on the east of the town, and a fully pedestrianised town centre, Loughborough could be the ideal next step for your automotive career.

The large outdoor markets, held very Thursday and Saturday, plus a monthly farmers market, are long standing traditions in the town – with their earliest mention being from 1221! A number of original art-deco buildings line the high streets, including a glamourous art-deco cinema. Loughborough boasts five museums, and their town hall features concerts, exhibitions, musicals, comedy shows and a Christmas pantomime.

Loughborough is also home to the world’s largest bell foundry (John Taylor Bellfounders) who have made bells for St Paul’s Cathedral and the Carillon War Memorial. The latter of which inspired AC/DC’s 1980’s track “Hells Bells”, as the band used a quarter weight replica of the Carillon War Memorial’s Denison Bell was used to create the iconic sound.

With such a plentiful history and plentiful opportunities, Loughborough may be the place for your next motor trade job!

Job Title: Professional Warranty Administrator For Automotive Main Car Dealer

Job Reference: J82938

Salary: Up To £22,500 OTE

Why should you Apply?

• Fantastic opportunity to work within a high performing team.

• Manufacturer and In-House training.

• Monday – Friday / NO Weekends worked!

There are many more motor trade opportunities available through Perfect Placement. If you’re looking for a different role in the East Midlands please get in touch with Kevin Cornell on 01603 701 077 or through email at!

The diverse automotive trade industry in the East Midlands offers a range of exciting roles and we have many HGV jobs, marketing manager roles, body shop vacancies, and technician jobs available today in East Midlands. We invite you to visit our job search page to discover the next steps to your automotive career!

If you are looking for a motor trade vacancy in another area of the country, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of highly specialist motor trade recruitment consultants. Visit our Contact Us page for our details or simply give our team a call on 01603 701077.


This blog was first published in November 2018 for Perfect Placement, an automotive recruitment company based in Norwich.

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