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Carol is disabled. She must apply to the Department for Work & Pensions for welfare.

Abby applies for a well paying job assessing Personal Independence Payment claimants on behalf of the DWP.

A stage play based on real conversations between disabled people and assessors, doctors, and the public, as well as whistleblowers who have called out the "grave and systematic violations" (UN, 2016) of disabled peoples' rights in the UK.

Shortlisted for the Snoo Wilson Award (2018).

"Scrounge is a seething piece of theatre that looks its foes dead in the eye as it mercilessly takes apart their lies... this is a gutturally angry work of realism." –Toby Skelton, Norwich Radical

"I would quite like to tie a few selfish MPs to some seats and make them listen to the effects of their heartlessness on real people." – Julian Swainson, Norwich Eye

"Plunges you into reality with fantastically written characters and a clearly broken system... it is impossible not to be moved." - Calum McGee, Iceni Post

"With extraordinary openness... [Marie is] a person who makes theatre to make change." – Sam Webb, Concrete

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