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7th August 2021

Playwright, Amie Maria Marie speaks her mind with extraordinary openness. “The long and short of it was, I was really frustrated with Theresa May. I didn’t like her as home secretary. I didn’t like her Go Home vans, which cost a lot of money and got barely anyone to self deport.” 


The driving force behind Amie’s work has been politics. But as she quickly notes, “I think as a society, we tend to underestimate the significance of politics in our everyday lives. Food is politics, home is politics, the quality of the potholes in your road is politics.” 


She laughs, but not for long. Besides, Marie is, in fact, deadly serious. And yet whilst politics might not define her work, it certainly drives it. In a political world where decisions have such far-reaching implications – a matter of life and death for some – theatre feels an appropriate way to illustrate feelings towards the actions of our political leaders.




In Marie’s play, written a year after the Brexit referendum, Theresa May is a clear culprit. “ I view her as a ‘white feminist’ because she focuses on being the right kind of person, whereas intersectional feminism says people of different demographics have different struggles, and you can’t have a one size fits all.” 


“I think she oversimplified her vision of a Conservative utopia to exclude people who needed help from the central government. I especially disrespect her for the negative influence she’s had on trans rights. It’s just led to the rise of transphobia.” Frustration pervades her tone, “[May] said she’d do one thing, and instead she’s hurt a lot of people.” 

Amie's heading to Edinburgh with touring political clown show


20th June 2018

Amie M Marie, 22, has invested her savings to take A Play About Theresa May to venues around England and Scotland.

The political clown show has been heavily inspired by Italian playwright and left-wing activist Dario Fo's 20th-centuary theatre classic Accidental Death of an Anarchist. 

It pokes fun at the political elite and the way they frequently change their minds, say nonsensical things, and can become caught in a loop of failure.

A Play About Theresa May is a fast-paced, two-person spoof show featuring an impressive number of costume changes and a minimal set.

To promote their show, [they] staged a publicity stunt in the Houses of Parliament earlier this year after entering the Palace of Westminster under the presence of taking part in an audio tour...



2nd March 2021

This is a very strong and very stable play.

From a local playwright and UEA graduate, Amie M Marie, this newly published work is the combined volume of scripts, reflections, and reviews on the satirical stage play of the same name.

Following Theresa May’s 2016 ascension to leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister, the former Home Secretary is out of her depth and unrepentantly dapping crocodile tears. She drags the audience to the stage to help her make decisions and struggles to unite the divided nation. Read two very different editions of The Play About Theresa May, one from the initial 2017 production and the other from the 2018 tour...